The Hickory Creek Watershed Plan

The Hickory Creek Watershed Plan was completed in June 2011 and is available to download below.

Final Plan

Executive Summary (PDF, 8 MB)
Final Plan (PDF, 9 MB)
Appendix_A (PDF, 600 KB)
Appendix_B (PDF, 1 MB)
Appendix C (xlsx, 30 KB)
Appendix_D (PDS, 900 KB)
Appendix E – Select Geographic Information System (GIS) Files
Appendix_F – Water Quality Database (MS Access)

Quick overview of the Hickory Creek Watershed Plan

Municipal_presentation_June2011 (PDF, 3 MB)

Process Documents

Project Charter (PDF, 469 KB)
Governance Structure for HCWPG (PDF, 325 KB)

Plan Documents

Watershed Resource Inventory (PDF, 3.89 MB)