Discover how you can help improve our streams and your neighborhood.

If you have property in the Hickory Creek Watershed, you have an impact on the streams. Most of us can make simple changes in our habits that will benefit the Watershed’s aquatic environment, yet we aren’t aware of our potential. There have been many studies of these issues, most in watersheds that have a major downstream resource that has been severely impacted and is in bad shape, such as the Chesapeake Bay Watershed in Maryland and Virginia. These sites have much to teach us.

Many municipalities within the Hickory Creek Watershed have compiled helpful information and suggestions that we can use on our individual properties and on a neighborhood level:

Joliet Department of Public Utilities
Village of Homer Glen Environment Page
Village of Mokena ILR40 Permit for Stormwater
Village of Tinley Park

As the HCWPG considers the issues facing the Watershed and the communities within it, and how to solve the problems, we ask that you get involved. Keep up with the latest news, participate in events, and become an active member in the process.

The Hickory Creek Watershed Plan

The Hickory Creek Watershed Plan is funded by the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency, Section 604(b) of the Clean Water Act and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

Starting in 2009, we began the 18-month process which lead to a Hickory Creek Watershed Plan.  In June 2011, the Plan was completed. Take a look >>