Explore the Biodiversity of Hickory Creek



Team up with other researchers and biologists to help sample and identify aquatic organisms in Hickory Creek. The next Bio Blitz will be September 2017.

Bio Blitz Scientists will complete the macro-invertebrates identification and calculate the MBI/mIBI score. A designated Hickory Creek Watershed Planning Group member will be at each sampling site as the Bio Blitz Steward to welcome the public.

**More information on the 2018 Bio-Blitz will be forthcoming. Sign-up to register as a “Citizen Scientist” volunteer.  SIGN UP  TODAY!


2018 Bio-Blitz (September 8th 2018)

How can I get involved?  Volunteer as a “Citizen Scientist”! What better way to get involved in your own community, while learning more about the biology of your stream.  As a citizen scientist you will assist the trained biologists in collecting and sorting aquatic organisms in our streams.
What to bring? Hickory Creek Watershed Planning group will provide tools and equipment and will always have some one-size-fits-all gloves. We ask everyone to wear long sleeves and pants, sturdy shoes or boots, waders (only if you have one and want to get in the stream), a hat, your own gloves, and to bring insect repellent (think ticks!!), sun block, and water.
Next Steps: 

1. Sign-up to register as a “Citizen Scientist” volunteer.  SIGN UP  TODAY!

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Lesson Plans: 

Pre and Post Bio-Blitz lessons

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