Exploring the Wilds of Hickory Creek

in-the-creekInstead of sleeping in on a seasonably warm(record setting high temp) Columbus Day in 2010, dozens of children and older residents of the Hickory Creek Watershed took time to explore the natural environment in their own backyard. As part of the “Educational Adventure in Hickory Creek”, elementary students spent time walking in the creek to find wet treasures and collecting seeds in the prairie behind Lincoln-Way East High School.

At the same time, their parents and other residents learned about and provided their input to the proposed plan for the Hickory Creek Watershed. The event was co-sponsored by the Hickory Creek Watershed Planning Group and the Lincoln-Way High School Environmental Action Club.Hickory Creek is one of our finer local streams, but is subject to pollution from roads, parking lots and lawns. Over the next decade, the number of people in the watershed will more than double. People living in the watershed and their leaders will face some tough choices between business as usual and new approaches to land use and landscape practices that can protect and preserve the quality of Hickory Creek. The excitement demonstrated by young students and their high school leaders about wet feet and the beauty of nature bodes well for a healthy and sustainable stream.


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